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Are you images on your journal disappearing?


So you might have noticed pictures disappearing from your journal or layout. That is because TinyPic closed down and took everything you uploaded there with it. I know it sucks but think of it as an excuse to clean up a little and if you are looking for a place to put imags try Imgur. It is a little more complicated that TinyPic but they appear to be free for now. PhotoBucket costs now so I've been slowly trying to move everything off there though convienently they don't allow you to download everything you've uploaded to their site.

Imgur is more of a post area but you if you keep a post "private" you can keep adding to it. It doesn't show you the image link but if you right click and pick "Copy Image Location" you can then post your picture to LiveJournal. I've made "posts" for different things: Movies, TV, Random Posting Images, etc.

Believe me I get this is annoying because I just when through all the posts here and updated images and links and now I have to check for TInyPic images. I despise them especially since the first I heard about it was when they were closed.

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